Tools for the treatment of prostatitis: a list of the most effective

Physiotherapy (more on the physiotherapeutic treatment of prostatitis) increases the effectiveness of drugs, consolidates treatment outcomes, promotes tissue recovery and cellular immunity of the prostate.In medical institutions, the procedure is performed using professional devices with various modes of operation.. . .At home, devices for the treatment of prostatitis can be used only with the permission and under the periodic supervision of a doctor.

Types of devices and their operating principles

Types of physiotherapy devices used to treat prostatitis:

  • Electromyostimulating (causes muscle contraction);
  • Electromagnet;
  • Stimulates vibration (massage);
  • Ultrasonic;
  • Laser.

The most functional and effective are devices with a combination of action types.

What types of physiotherapy devices are divided into, and what is the basis of their action, explains the practicing urologists-andrologists, Ph. D. D. , Associate Professor of the Department of Urology.

Contraindicationsto hardware physiotherapy for prostatitis:

  1. Individual intolerance. Patients may experience groin pain, rash, and skin irritation.
  2. Malignant tumor.
  3. Active tuberculosis.
  4. Blood clotting disorders.
  5. Stones in the prostate (calculus prostatitis).
  6. The presence of focal suppuration (purulent focal prostatitis).

In acute prostatitis, heating of the glands is unacceptable, therefore, devices that act with heat are not used.

Electrostimulation devices

Electrical stimulation of the muscle is performed by acting on the motor nerves with an impulse current passing between the electrodes. Impulses are similar to those produced by the body to irritate nerve fibers.Therapeutic effects of prostatitis:

  • Local blood circulation and metabolic processes are activated;
  • Lymph outflow is improved, venous stasis is eliminated;
  • Regeneration of damaged tissue is stimulated;
  • The sensitivity of the nerve endings is controlled;
  • Decreased prostate edema;
  • The muscular skeleton of the pelvic floor is strengthened;
  • In prostate tissue, the processes of atrophy and sclerosis, triggered by chronic inflammation, are inhibited;
  • Benign neoplasms up to 0. 5 cm in diameter are ruptured.

While performing the procedure, two things are important: the correct electrode position and the current strength.

prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation is done in three ways(depending on the attachment supplied with the device):

  1. Through the urethra. One catheter electrode (abdominal electrode) is inserted into the urethra, another (a copper plate with a hydrophilic layer) is placed on the tailbone.
  2. Horizontally. A thin nozzle electrode is inserted into the rectum, a second electrode is placed on the pubis. This method is the most effective and comfortable.
  3. Through the skin of the perineum. Electrodes are placed between the anus and scrotum.

This procedure is performed while lying on your side or on your back with your feet tucked in. The feeling during electrical stimulation is unpleasant, but bearable. The current strength is selected individually on the device. The duration of the procedure is from 7 to 17 minutes. Usually 10-15 sessions are set.

As for effectiveness, in 86% of patients after the course, pain in the prostate was significantly weakened, urination became normal, and erections improved.. . . This procedure is indispensable for the treatment of chronic prostatitis caused by the process of stagnation and accompanied by weakness of the glandular muscles.

Do you maintain body shape with regular exercise?

Magnetic field generator

Magnetotherapy - tissue exposure to a continuous or alternating magnetic field (continuous or pulsed radiation), produced by a special device. In our country, this technique is officially recognized, in the United States and some other countries - no.

The proper mechanism of influence of magnetic fields: an electric current arises in the tissue, which changes the orientation of the molecules of biological fluids and the rate of biochemical reactions.Effects on the prostate:

  • Reduces swelling and pain;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Accelerates the healing of inflammatory lesions.

The duration of exposure depends on the power of the device and the condition of the patient. No unpleasant sensations during the procedure.

Vibration stimulant

Vibration stimulation of the prostate is one type of massage effect to activate blood flow, stimulating the emptying of the ducts from secretions. There are many types of devices, the essence is the same:the nozzle is inserted into the anus, which, when the button is pressed, begins to vibrate. . . Vibration stimulation is a great way to support prostate healthif there is no regular sex. . .

The procedure lasted an average of 5 minutes.The feeling is a bit pleasantsome men reach orgasm. After the procedure, prostate juice can be removed from the urethra (with stagnation, it comes out in a frozen form like jelly). Contraindications are acute inflammation of the prostate, the presence of any neoplasms in his body.

prostate stimulation massage therapist

Ultrasonic devices

Physiotherapy devices generate ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 800 to 3000 kHz, which cause the particles to vibrate (cell micromassage). The effect is performed in constant or pulsed mode.Effects of ultrasound on prostate tissue:

  1. Improves the condition of the cell wall, increases vascular permeability (therefore, in the case of acute inflammation of the prostate with the formation of foci of infected fluid, the procedure is not performed).
  2. Stimulation of biochemical processes (fermentation, oxidation) and tissue respiration.
  3. An increase in the number of nucleic acids, which perform a large number of important functions for cell life support.
  4. Relieves cramps, relieves urination.
  5. Prevention of scarring in the prostate body (ultrasound breaks down collagen into individual fibers).
  6. Blocks pain impulses.
  7. Increased activity of cellular defense mechanisms.

With prostatitisultrasound is used as a transport agent for medical materials(hydrocortisone, antibiotics)to prostate tissue- phonophoresis of the rectum and urethra. For the procedure, the patient must assume a knee-elbow position. You must first flush the rectum with a rubber bulb. The rectal transmitter is introduced at a depth of 8–10 cm. Medicines in the form of emulsions are delivered directly through it. With urethral phonophoresis, a therapeutic solution is introduced into a transmitter that is inserted into the urethra. The transmitter nozzle is lubricated with a contact agent. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. With prostatitis, 6 to 8 sessions are performed daily.

Exposure to ultrasound is recommended for scar tissue changes, parenchymal prostatitis (with purulent discharge). Optimal results are achieved when exposed to waves with a power of 0. 3-0. 4 W / cm2 in pulsed mode. Increased power can lead to urinary disorders, exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.

Laser devices

A laser is a device for producing a concentrated flux of light particles. Photons of light penetrate the skin into the prostate tissue and are distributed along the bloodstream. In fact, the effect is similar to the blue light treatment, but the infrared radiation has a high penetrating power and has no heating effect.Under the influence of the beam in the prostate tissue, blood circulation is activated, pain and swelling are reduced.. . .

Irradiation is performed by tactile or non -tactile methods. Types of transmitters: rectal, percutaneous and acupuncture (points on the chest, forehead, lower back, visible sacrum). The intrarectal procedure takes up to two minutes. This course requires about 10 exposures. In most patients, pain in the prostate disappears after the second session.. . .

vibro device for prostate treatment


Despite all the advantages of prostatitis hardware treatment, it is not always permissible to use it. The following factors are contraindicated:

  1. Severe prostatitis. For example, with the purulent form, pus is removed from the urogenital opening, which carries the threat of infection of other internal organs. With this and other severe forms of the disease, immediate therapy is needed, which is based on antibiotics and other serious medications. The use of the device in this case can only be in addition to the main drug treatment.
  2. Equivalent hemorrhoids or other diseases associated with anal fissures. In this case, exposure to ultrasonic waves or vibrations will only worsen the condition, increase the inflammatory process and cause additional irritation. Hardware treatment for external hemorrhoids, when the hemorrhoids fall off, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Neoplasms in the rectal area. Whatever place of localization they have, and whatever their character, with the appearance of any tumors, seals and other formations, it is necessary to get to know them first, and only then engage in treatment. As a rule, most neoplasms require more serious treatment than just using a device.

If the use of the drug for several weeks does not work, this is a sign that the therapy needs to be replaced with another.

Popular appliances for home use

Mobile home devices for the treatment of prostatitis are usually less functional than professional ones, but they are quite suitable as maintenance therapy and for prevention.. . . You can buy it at a pharmacy or on the manufacturer's website.

It should be noted that the use of household appliances implies the maintenance of their regular hygiene. The rectal probe should be washed with soap and disinfected with chlorhexidine solution. It is advisable to wear a condom before use.

Home remedies for prostatitis

Various hardware techniques are used to relieve the chronic inflammatory response in the small pelvis. It is important to choose the most effective. All medical devices are classified according to indication, cost, or according to the principle of action.

Professional physiotherapy devices often have a combined effect.

laser prostatitis treatment machine

Before buying a device for the treatment of prostate adenoma or a device for the treatment of prostatitis, you need to explain all the details of therapy and exclude possible contraindications. Only a specialist will be able to properly assess the situation and predict the outcome of therapeutic action.

This group of devices is considered the most effective. Positive therapeutic results were observed in 80% of cases. Electrical impulses increase the passive peristalsis of lymphatic capillaries, activating the work of the prostate.

Treatment of prostate adenoma with electrical impulses is not feasible.

Electrical stimulation is prescribed for the following diseases and complaints:

  • pain in the genital area;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland of infectious and non -infectious origin;
  • as a precautionary measure.

Thanks to electrical stimulation, a decrease in the rate of atrophic and sclerotic changes in the tissues was noted.

The device vibrates

Disorders in the work of the male genitalia are most often observed in patients who lead an irregular lifestyle, who do not have regular sexual intercourse.

Devices for the treatment of prostate adenoma mechanically stimulate the muscle fibers (myocytes) of the glands, restore their tone, relieve signs of irritation in the urethra by improving the transfer of secretions.

medical devices for the treatment of prostate

Some devices combine the effects of microvibration, infrared radiation and magnetic fields. During the procedure, a double effect is achieved. The cost of the vibration device is relatively small, so it is very popular in our country.

Magnetic fields have a beneficial effect on the function of living organisms. In innovative devices, resonant frequency oscillations are used. When the frequency of the magnetic field changes, tissue heating is observed.

To eliminate the signs of prostate adenoma, doctors often prescribe thermometry. This method is also effective in eliminating the signs of chronic prostatitis.

Ultrasound therapy

Perhaps this is the best device for treating prostate at home. Feedback from patients and doctors confirmed this. The operating principle of the device is based on microwave thermotherapy. Low -frequency waves have a beneficial effect on the work of neurocytes and somatic cells.

Experts strongly recommend installing the applicator on the bioactive point responsible for the function of the male genitalia.

Laser therapy

Physioapparatus is often used to normalize prostate function. The applicator is inserted through the rectum into the site of the prostate. Laser radiation activates the process of tissue regeneration, provides analgesic effects, improves respiration and cellular immunity.

Professional devices are far more powerful than home devices. But home appliances can also be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

It is forbidden to use honey devices for transrectal prostatitis in the presence of acute proctitis, as well as in pathologies associated with destructive processes. When treated with the Milt tool, there are no consequences such as pain, complications, edema and relapse.

The possibility of getting rid of prostatitis at home must be discussed with your doctor. Some types of these diseases only require inpatient treatment.

Usually they use folk remedies that help relieve pain and boost the body’s immunity. But the therapy will be most effective when combined with a traditional course of treatment.


Out -of -clinic treatment of prostate gland inflammation is allowed only with uncomplicated acute processes and chronic recurrence. The urologist will prescribe a course of medication and give recommendations for treatment methods at home.

prostatitis treatment machine at home

In the recovery process, an important role is played by proper diet, adequacy of physical activity, manner of work and rest. Only comprehensive treatment will help to quickly overcome the disease. A healthy lifestyle is very important for a man to avoid recurrence again.

For home therapy, medications are used. At the same time, you can use other methods independently.

This includes:

  • massage;
  • microclister;
  • bath;
  • warm up;
  • physical training.

Several different treatments are usually prescribed. The use of their combination will allow you to solve problems quickly, reducing the risk of complications. It also helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and relieve the condition.

The effectiveness of treatment, simplicity and safety of operation of the device can be assessed by reviews. Before choosing a device, the patient must consult a doctor, read the recommendations on the Internet.

It is necessary to know the opinion of patients who have used home physiotherapy devices to treat the inflammatory process of the prostate, adenoma. It is also important to seek the recommendations of doctors who have used it in their practice, this is a prerequisite before using it.

For the physiotherapy room

In outpatients, the physiotherapeutic effect on the prostate is carried out using a professional multifunctional device. They cost several orders of magnitude more expensive than those at home, but the results can be seen after a few procedures.