How to treat prostatitis at home

herbs for the treatment of prostatitis

Most diseases can be treated in different ways: in a hospital setting or on an outpatient basis. The same is true for prostatitis, with the majority of patients undergoing therapy outside the hospital walls.

How to treat prostatitis at home, and is this therapy effective? What is needed to treat prostatitis at home - effectively and quickly? You need a list of all the different ways to treat prostate inflammation at home, as well as incredible patience. After all, it is he that men lack, a larger percentage of them give up the course already half way, at a time when the main symptoms of discomfort are eliminated. This is fundamentally wrong, to drown out typical symptoms does not mean to cure the disease to the end, there is no discussion of effective treatment here.

It will take a long time to fight prostatitis, quickly treat what has been "created" so far will not work, effective treatment of prostatitis is one that ends with the complete elimination of the disease.

What does home treatment mean?

Therapy outside the hospital walls has always been a conservative treatment, which includes:

  • taking medication - by mouth or topically;
  • the use of folk recipes;
  • groin massage;
  • gymnastics.

When will prostatitis treatment at home be effective? You can talk about its benefits when it is approved by a specialist, that is, it is carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. Otherwise, it can be harmful. For example, prostate massage is a procedure whose benefits are difficult to overestimate, but it has some contraindications. The same can be said for herbal medicine.

Folk recipes

Most popular recipes for prostatitis include herbs. Even doctors approved them. In addition, many plant extracts are active components of pharmaceutical preparations, officially recognized effective against prostatitis. Among the advantages of folk recipes is their safety.

If there are no allergies and serious changes in the body, its use is quite acceptable. An important factor is the cost of the funds. Unlike medicines, the herbs used can be purchased at pharmacies at very affordable prices, and are mostly prepared from ingredients available at home. There are many traditional medicine recipes for prostatitis.

Boil the onion skin

To prepare it, a pile of onion husks is thrown into a liter of hot water and boiled over low heat for 5-10 minutes. After that, the mass is cooled and filtered. You need to drink one glass before meals, 2-3 times a day. These recipes are particularly effective in the early stages of the disease, but they will not be able to cure long -term chronic prostatitis.

Absorption of aspen bark

For this purpose, the bark of the tree must be harvested in early spring, before the bud break. Slightly dried bark in an amount of 100 g is poured with 200 g of vodka and placed in a glass container. The bark should be completely immersed in an alcoholic liquid. Insist the mass for 2 weeks, occasionally shaking the infusion. After time passes, it remains only to strain it.

It should take 20 drops three times a day, every 8 hours, dissolve a little in water. The course of treatment ends when the infusion is over. It usually lasts for 70 days. The infusion has an excellent bactericidal effect, and therefore quickly relieves pain. It also cleanses the blood and binds toxins, helping the body cope with disease on its own.

aspen bark for the treatment of prostatitis

Boil chestnuts

So, 75 g of peeled chestnuts is poured into 600 ml of boiling water and left to infuse overnight. In the morning, the mass is placed in a water bath and left to simmer for 10-15 minutes, and then filtered. The broth is very thick. It must be taken drop by drop on an empty stomach before each meal. Single dose - 30 drops. The course of treatment is 2 months.

Usually this period is enough to reduce symptoms. After two months, you can repeat the treatment. There are also easier recipes. The skin of chestnuts is poured with boiling water and covered with a towel for 1 hour, so that all the active ingredients get into the broth. The composition can be drunk between meals as a tea, or used as a remedy for enemas.

The active component of chestnuts fights the main manifestations of prostatitis, and also fills the body with valuable minerals.


This herb can be used for prostatitis in a variety of ways. The easiest is to eat 1 piece per day, which will allow you to influence the inflammatory process through the bloodstream.


This plant not only relieves inflammation, but also contains many minerals, including the most valuable and important for the prostate gland, such as zinc, copper and manganese.

Especially parsley helps with congestion and chronic diseases. The simplest recipe is to regularly drink 25 ml of fresh parsley juice.

This should be done on an empty stomach, and also do not eat or drink water for the next half hour. Boiling parsley seeds is also popular. To prepare it, 40 g of seeds are thoroughly ground, poured a glass of boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes. You need to drink 25 ml every 5 hours until the composition is over. It is impossible to store soup, it is better to cook a new one every day.

Pumpkin seeds

They have been used for men’s health for centuries, and we can talk endlessly about the benefits of these products. You can cure mild prostatitis quickly and prevent recurrence of the disease if you eat 30 grains of vegetables daily before meals. Seeds that are dried, but not roasted, are suitable for treatment. They should be eaten slowly, chewing each seed carefully.

pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

You can treat prostatitis by eating delicious and healthy desserts made from this product. To do this, pumpkin seeds are passed through a meat grinder and a little honey is added. The amount of honey should be such that a ball the size of a walnut can be rolled out of the mass. It is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator. One ball before meals every day - and prostatitis will subside.


Home treatment for prostatitis often involves direct mechanical action on this organ. Professional prostate massage can only be performed by a specialist, as well as by patients who have mastered the technique of performing this medical procedure. This sequence is performed through the rectum. At home, it is better to treat prostatitis in men with a simpler perineum massage.

It is done after waking up. The hands should rub the skin around the perineum gently with a movement away from you, towards the feet. The movement should be gentle, smooth, without rubbing. After the skin warms up a bit, you can increase the strength of the effect. This massage stimulates local blood flow and will reduce organ swelling and congestion.

Another option for indirect prostate massage is done using a tennis ball. The ball is placed in the perineum and rolled gently with the palm of the hand from the anus to the scrotum. If you need to increase the intensity of the procedure, you can add the strength of the second hand.

Treatment with prostatitis massage in men at home is unacceptable in the acute form of the disease, in the presence of cyst changes in organ tissues, as well as in oncology of the prostate gland.


It is impossible to cure prostatitis in men and achieve lasting effects without physical education. It not only speeds up blood flow at the site of inflammation, but also helps strengthen muscles in the groin area. It is advisable to start each morning with gymnastics. If it is carried out during the day, then it is recommended to choose a time for this before meals, when the contents of the gastrointestinal tract do not interfere with the movement of the body.

squat for prostatitis

So the most popular exercise is squatting. It's supposed to be deep, slow. You don’t have to do this exercise for speed, it’s better to focus on the quality of its performance. A man needs to do about 100 squats per day. This amount can be divided by 2-3 times.

You can make squats harder. The man performs a half squat, puts his legs forward and lingers in this position for a few seconds, and then returns to his original position. This exercise should be done daily for 5 minutes. There are exercises that can be done on the floor as well as while lying in bed.

This is a well -known scissors, when the outstretched legs are raised slightly from floor level and crossed alternately, mimicking the movement of scissors. This complex can be augmented with a "bicycle" exercise, when a man imitates cycling with his legs raised. Initially, although male muscle fibers are weak, it is permissible to perform this exercise from a sitting position.

Separately, it is worth discussing Kegel training. It is believed that they are designed to tighten the muscles of the urogenital organs in women, although in fact there are complexes for men that are effective in the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. So, a man needs to stand up, squeezing the pubococcygeal muscles and anal sphincter for a few seconds. You can hold your breath while doing this. When the muscles relax and inhale, the man will feel the blood flow to the pelvic organs.

It is necessary to do this 10 times, gradually increasing the duration of holding your breath and muscle tension.

Another Kegel exercise is done in the toilet when you are prompted to urinate. When urinating, it is necessary to interrupt the process several times and stop for a few seconds, as if someone was spying on a man. This exercise will allow the man to train the muscles and thus restore the function of the process. You can do it all the time, with every pee. It will also be effective as a preventative measure.

Effective treatment of prostatitis at home by gymnastics should not cause severe pain, this is the main rule of all medical physical culture. Minor discomfort appearing on underdeveloped muscles is common, provided it gradually subsides.

In what cases is the treatment of prostatitis at home unacceptable?

It is forbidden to treat prostatitis at home in cases where the inflammatory process in the prostate gland has become acute. If the symptoms and clinical manifestations are so strong that it is difficult for the patient not only to lead an active life, but also to move, then it is impossible to cope with such a situation on their own, and immediate measures must be taken. .

Combating prostatitis in such conditions is necessary only in medical institutions. Admission to the hospital will allow you to perform some procedures immediately, on which not only the state of health, but also the possibility of complications of prostatitis may depend.

First, severe weakness, vomiting and persistent high fever can be signs of intoxication. The best method for a rapid response is to give the patient an IV. Second, in a hospital setting, patients will be better off with pain in the groin area. Often, anesthetic injections are used for this purpose, which are injected directly into the area of pain and inflammation.

Finally, the hospital will immediately perform a series of tests and conduct additional studies to assess the functional quality of adjacent organs, which may also require treatment. Very important here is the analysis for bacterial cultures, which will allow you to accurately determine the type of pathogen, as well as drugs that have a positive effect on the pathogen. Therefore, precious time will not be lost.

treatment of patients in prostatitis

Adding up

So is it possible to get rid of prostatitis at home? Of course, many patients successfully practice prostatitis treatment at home. Moreover, it is the home treatment of chronic prostatitis that most often becomes the most effective, of course, provided the patient fully complies with all recommendations, drinks decoctions and infusions after some time, and performs gymnastics properly.

The only thing a patient needs to remember is about the need to visit a doctor to get tested and make sure he or she is fully recovered. If a man focuses on the result and tries to achieve it by all means, then he will definitely achieve it. Get rid of painful illnesses, and life will sparkle with renewed vigor!